WHO improves readiness in emergencies

A 5-day emergency surge training improved the skills of 23 WHO expert staff from 16 WHO offices to rapidly respond to emergencies in their home countries and in international crises. WHO/Europe, with the help of the Danish Emergency Management Agency, organized the training, which took place on 26–30 October 2015 in Snekkersten, Denmark.

"Participants are now able to better understand the humanitarian architecture and WHO's activities in emergency response settings, as well as related policies and processes," says Dr Ute Sylvia Enderlein, acting Programme Manager for Country Emergency at WHO/Europe. "A well trained workforce is our best response to the needs of European countries to respond to emergencies on the ground."

The training was based on the WHO Emergency Response Framework and focused on areas such as:

  • leadership
  • information management
  • technical expertise in emergencies
  • risk communication
  • logistics
  • security in the field.

During a 2-day simulation exercise, participants learned to apply these skills in real life situations.

WHO/Europe remains committed to providing technical assistance to its Member States and will continue to train internal and external personnel to help increase emergency preparedness.