First confirmed Ebola patient in Italy

On 12 May 2015, WHO received notification of the first laboratory-confirmed case of Ebola virus disease to be found in Italy.

The patient is a health care worker who had been working at an Ebola treatment centre in Sierra Leone. 

After symptoms developed on 10 May, the patient self-isolated and was hospitalized in the infectious diseases ward of the Hospital of Sassari, Sardinia. Clinical samples were tested on 12 May, confirming EVD infection. The patient was transferred to the Lazzaro Spallanzani Hospital at the National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome on 13 May. 

As the onset of symptoms occurred 72 hours after the final leg of the health care worker's return journey to Italy, contact tracing of the passengers on the same flights from Sierra Leone to Italy is not considered necessary.

Very low risk for spread of Ebola virus disease in Europe

Sporadic cases of Ebola virus disease in the WHO European Region are possible because of travel between Europe and the affected countries. 

Nevertheless, the risk that the disease will spread in Europe is extremely low.