Zika virus: updated travel advice for women who are pregnant or considering pregnancy

WHO has updated its travel advice to Zika virus-affected countries to include advice for pregnant women and women who are trying to become pregnant and their sexual partners.

The travel advisory urges women to take precautionary measures in light of the latest evidence that Zika virus infection during pregnancy may be linked to microcephaly in newborns. Women who are pregnant should discuss travel plans with their health care providers and consider delaying travel to any area where locally acquired Zika infection is occurring.

Zika virus has also been found in human semen, and two reports of transmission from one person to another through sexual contact have been confirmed. WHO is advising all men and women returning from an area where Zika virus is circulating – especially pregnant women and their partners – to practice safe sex, including the correct and consistent use of condoms. Travellers are additionally advised to adhere closely to steps that can prevent mosquito bites during their travel.