Syria crisis: health response from Turkey

Years of conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic have resulted in hundreds of thousands injured or ill or killed. Over 13 million people are in need of humanitarian aid within the country, more than 6.5 million are internally displaced and over 5.5 million people have sought refuge in neighbouring countries, out of which more than 3.5 million are in Turkey.Under the whole-of-Syria approach, WHO and its health partners provide medical services to Syrian refugees in Turkey and to populations in northern Syria from Turkey.

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Photo story – The human impact of WHO’s Refugee Health Programme in Turkey

WHO’s Refugee Health Programme in Turkey, established in 2016, aims to support Turkey’s Ministry of Health in ensuring that Syrian refugees have access to culturally sensitive health services with the same standard as those offered to other residents and citizens.

Improving access to health services in northern Syria

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Attacks on Syria’s health care personnel and facilities

In 2018, there have been more than 142 attacks on healthcare, in which over 102 health staff were killed and 189 injured

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