Health services for Syrian refugees in Turkey

WHO/Laura Sheahen

A Turkish doctor, left, works with Syrian doctors trained by WHO. They are treating a Syrian refugee baby, right.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, 3 million Syrian refugees have fled to Turkey where they have been granted shelter. WHO works closely with Turkey’s Ministry of Health to provide health services to the refugees.

To improve access to preventive and other health care, the Turkish government has established 85 dedicated health centres for refugees.

From its country office in Turkey, WHO:

  • trains Syrian doctors and nurses to integrate into the Turkish health care system;
  • supports the government’s vaccination campaigns for refugee children;
  • assesses health needs and gives public health advice to refugees;
  • provides continuing medical education to team of Turkish and Syrian doctors in diagnosing and treating diabetes, asthma, hypertension, pulmonary diseases and noncommunicable diseases;
  • assists Turkish doctors to spot the signs of psychiatric trauma and refer patients for proper care.