WHO delivers medicines and supplies to 13 health organizations in northern Syria

WHO Gaziantep Country Office

Medicals supplies from WHO delivered at the UN hub in Kilis

Between 25 April and 6 May 2016, WHO shipped 47 tonnes of essential medicines and surgical supply kits to 13 health partners, to serve a population of 400 000 in northern Syria. More than half the displaced people are mothers and children.

Medical supplies delivered

Twenty medical kits, one surgical supply kit and 3.6 tonnes of essential medicines and consumables were delivered to northern Syria during the last week of April. Provided with the financial support of Kuwait Funds and the UK Department of International Development, these medical supplies will meet the increasing health needs of 35 000 internally displaced people in northern Syria, joining the already 100 000 people displaced in February 2016 in northern Aleppo due to intensified fighting. 

Six trucks of essential medicines and consumables were delivered in the first week of May. This shipment consisted of packages of the essential medicines, supplies and equipment urgently needed for health emergency situations, also known as "interagency emergency health kits". Provided through Kuwait Funds and the US Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, the kits are expected to serve around 20 000 people for 3 months and will enable 100 surgical operations in northern Aleppo. The essential medicines are expected to serve 30 000 people for approximately 2 months. 

Providing essential medicines and medical supplies saves lives during emergencies. This is one of the main functions of the WHO field presence in Gaziantep, which works to meet the growing, urgent health needs of people in northern Syria.