Raising awareness on climate change mitigation and adaptation policies in all sectors

WHO/Europe is raising awareness of the impacts that climate change is having on health, and respective mitigation and adaptation options, through a wide range of channels. These include general and technical publications, the WHO/Europe website and social media channels.

Online information portal

Additionally, a climate change information platform is currently under development within a broader initiative to create a new European Environment and Health Gateway as a comprehensive portal to all environment and health activities, tools and materials within the WHO European Region, and to some extent, globally. Currently under prototype development, the new Gateway is planned to be launched in 2014 in time for the Mid-Term Review.


WHO/EUROPE also collaborates with the European Environment Agency (EEA) to maintain the health section of the European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate-ADAPT). Climate-ADAPT is a cross-sectoral tool aimed at supporting Europe in adapting to climate change.


Furthermore, the climate change programme circulates a roughly quarterly email alert highlighting recent activities and developments in climate change and health, with a focus on the European Region but also highlighting significant global news. Please contact us to subscribe (euroclimate@who.int).


Finally, WHO/Europe is also involved in country-specific awareness raising activities on climate change and health through our various programmes and projects.