Climate change and health: lessons learnt in the WHO European Region

European Member States, UN and EU agencies, as well as researchers will be meeting for the first time after the Ministerial Conference to report on new findings and challenges on climate change and health in line with the Parma declaration. This meeting is also the first meeting of the renewed working group on climate change and health of the European Environment and Health Process. The meeting is expected to set the agenda of work on climate change and health and to define priorities and particular areas which require enforcement.

Important information will be provided on:

  • examples on how health issues are integrated into climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, policies and strategies;
  • the links between climate change, health and sustainable development;
    ways to prevent the effects of extreme weather events;
  • strengthening and renewing efforts to reduce the infectious disease burden;
  • how to strengthen public health functions in general to become more resilient;
  • good case studies of weather and health early-warning, surveillance and preparedness systems;
  • lessons learnt from capacity development;
  • what awareness is required in this new generation of work;
  • how much and how well the health sector itself can contribute to reduce greenhouse gases.

New research needs and information requirements will also be discussed at the meeting.

A special highlight, and to stimulate discussion, will be the presentation at the beginning of the three-day workshop of the results of a special BMU/WHO pilot initiative “Protecting health from climate change in seven countries in the WHO European Region”, funded by the German International Climate Initiative (ICI).