Public health advice on flooding


Water and sanitation experts from WHO assess the flood situation in Belgrade

Heavy rains have caused severe flooding in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. WHO/Europe has information on how flooding affects health, guidance on water supply and sanitation, and advice on preventive measures.

Communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia have been severely affected by floods triggered by cyclone Tamara and the associated heavy rainfall, hitting large areas in all 3 countries since 13 May 2014. The immediate impact of the disaster was the loss of over 40 lives, and the need to evacuate over 85 000 people to temporary shelters. Economic damage is calculated to be in the order of hundreds of millions of euros.

In the immediate aftermath of the flooding, WHO/Europe has offered all its support to the 3 affected countries. Emergency, environmental and communications experts are working closely with the WHO country offices and local health authorities to address the immediate health needs.