WHO/Europe's policy on climate change and health is defined by the Parma Declaration on Environment and Health (2010) and the declarations of earlier ministerial conferences. The European policy is in line with the 2008 World Health Assembly resolution on climate change and health and the WHO global workplan on climate change and health for 2008–2013.

WHO/Europe supports its Member States in pursuing  the 6 objectives of the Parma Commitment to Act: 

  • integrate health issues in action for mitigation of and adaptation to climate change;
  • strengthen health systems and services;
  • develop and strengthen early warning surveillance and preparedness systems for extreme weather events and disease outbreaks;
  • raise awareness on healthy mitigation and adaptation policies in all sectors;
  • increase the health and environment sectors' contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental sustainability;
  • share knowledge, research and tools.

The WHO European Member States working group on health in climate change (HIC), leads the implementation of the climate change and health agenda.