Climate change and adaptation strategies for human health

Edited by Bettina Menne and Kristie L. Ebi
Published by Steinkopff Verlag Darmstadt
2006, xxv + 449 pages
ISBN 3 7985 1591 3

At the Third Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health, European ministers of health and the environment acknowledged that human-induced changes in the global climate system and in stratospheric ozone pose a range of severe health risks and potentially threaten economic development and social and political stability. This posed a great challenge to WHO and its Member States, resulting in the creation of the Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies for Human Health (cCASHh) project. This book presents the results of this project, in particular an overview of the following topics:

  • current and potential future climates in Europe
  • assessment methodologies
  • observed impacts of extreme weather events in Europe
  • impacts of climate change on water, food and vectorborne diseases
  • adaptation measures, strategies and policies
  • preparedness and the capacity to adapt to climate change
  • cost-benefits
  • population health in Europe in the future.