Health and climate change: the “now and how”. A policy action guide



This document presents a brief summary of the results of the research project “Climate change and adaptation strategies for human health in Europe” (cCASHh) (May 2001-July 2004), coordinated by WHO and supported by the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Programme in the frame of the Fifth European Union Framework Programme for Research and Development.

Current climate trends point to the likelihood that southern Europe will become drier in the future, while northern Europe is likely to become warmer and wetter. Extreme events are expected to increase in frequency and severity, particularly heat-waves, droughts and intense rainfall events. cCASHh identified a range of options that have been taken or could be taken by European policy-makers to prevent, prepare and respond to the effects of weather and climate variability on people’s health.

These measures are classified into general and specific. General measures include better cooperation between health and climate institutions, building capacity for action now and communication. The specific measures include information for the prevention of health effects from heat stress, floods, vector, rodent and food borne diseases.