Sustainable urban transport

This area of work seeks to define a strategic approach and coherent framework for integrating urban transport management and policies for land-use planning, environment and health. It also aims to create synergies with major international initiatives, notably those of WHO and the International Transport Forum (ITF).

A series of capacity-building events has been organized to to share best practices in sustainable urban transport across different subregions of the WHO European Region. The workshops have focused on:

  • green and health-friendly sustainable mobility: focusing on urban central Asia (Kazakhstan, 2013);
  • sustainable development of urban transport: challenges and opportunities (Russian Federation, 2012);
  • working together for sustainable and healthy urban transport: a capacity-building workshop (Ukraine, 2011);
  • sustainable and healthy urban policies (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 2010);
  • sustainable and healthy urban transport: focusing on eastern and south eastern Europe, Caucasus and central Asia (Republic of Moldova, 2008);
  • sustainable urban transport and land-use planning: focusing on south Caucasus (Georgia, 2006);
  • implementing sustainable urban travel policies in the Commonwealth of Independent States (Russian Federation, 2004);
  • sustainable and healthy urban transport and planning (Cyprus, 2003).