Health aspects of air pollution and review of EU policies: the REVIHAAP and HRAPIE projects

WHO/Europe is coordinating the international projects REVIHAAP (Review of evidence on health aspects of air pollution) and HRAPIE (Health risks of air pollution in Europe), to provide the European Commission (EC) and its stakeholders with evidence-based advice on the health aspects of air pollution. This advice will be grounded on a review of the latest scientific evidence on the health effects of all pollutants regulated in the directives 2008/50/EC and 2004/107/EC.

Results from these projects will support the comprehensive revision of European Union (EU) air quality policies taking place in 2013.

To effectively advise the revision of EU air quality policies, REVIHAAP and HRAPIE are addressing a list of 26 key policy-relevant questions posed by the EC. The questions cover general aspects of importance for air quality management, as well as specific topics concerning health aspects of individual air pollutants. The review is being conducted by a large group of invited experts from top institutions across the world.