Damp and mould: health risks, prevention and remedial actions





This brochure summarizes key messages for the public on prevention and reduction of exposure to dampness and mould, and on removal of potential mould once it occurs. Emphasis is put on the problem of excessive moisture, which is the root cause for problems with dampness and mould in indoor built environments.

Further references and user guides on actions against dampness and mould in several languages are provided, and reference is made to an international list of agencies providing more detailed damp and mould support functions to the public. This information brochure also complements the WHO Indoor Air Quality Guidelines on Dampness and Mould, following the advice of the EU Indoor Air Quality expert group, and makes available to the public some main conclusions derived from the WHO project on policy implications of actions against indoor air pollution with biological agents.

The brochure has been developed by WHO/Europe in collaboration with the Health and Environment Alliance, with co-funding by the European Commission (DG Sanco, grant agreement 2005156).