Methodologies and tools for HIA

Commonly agreed upon tools for carrying out HIAs are not yet available, although provisions for HIA in policy-making are included in international legislation (e.g. European Union directives), legally binding agreements (e.g. the Strategic Environmental Assessment or SEA Protocol), and policy commitments (such as those of the ministerial conferences on environment and health).

As mandated by ministerial conference declarations, WHO/Europe works to fill this gap by developing HIA methodologies and tools for use by national or local authorities or institutions. Such methodologies and tools are usually piloted through projects.

Capacity building in environment and health

WHO/Europe also promotes the integration of health in environmental assessments through building capacity at local, national and subregional level and supporting Member States in the implementation of the SEA Protocol.

Health in environmental assessment

Integrated HIAs focus on how policies, plans or projects affect health through their environmental, economic and social impacts. Examples include integrating health issues and policies in environmental performance reviews and making recommendations for progress in environmental health.