Environment and health performance reviews (EHPRs)

EHPRs are country-based interdisciplinary assessments that WHO/Europe carries out on the request of Member States. They support countries in reforming and upgrading their public health systems by providing policy advice: guidance for strengthening policy-making and for planning preventive interventions, service delivery and surveillance in the field of environment and health.

EHPRs focus on priority risk factors and benefit from WHO/Europe’s expertise across different environmental health areas. They use the information and standard methodology developed by WHO/Europe for its European Environment and Health Information System (ENHIS).

After each EHPR, WHO/Europe organizes workshops to support action on the findings. Countries involved include Belarus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

As part of activities to review, assess and determine the needs of environment and health policies in the WHO European Region, WHO/Europe published a report collating the EHPR reports for six countries in conjunction with the WHO Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health in 2010.