Country profiles on environmental health inequality. A supplement to Environmental health inequalities in Europe. Second assessment report (2019)



Environmental determinants are a major contributor to health and well-being but are not distributed equally. In most countries, disadvantaged population groups tend to be significantly more exposed to environmental risks. Major assessment reports published in 2012 and 2019 reviewed the status of environmental health inequalities within countries in the WHO European Region. This report is a supplement to the second assessment report and presents country profiles on environmental health inequalities related to housing conditions, basic services, urban environments and transport, work settings and injuries. The profiles provide information on the changes between the first and the second assessment reports, giving quick and effective insight into the inequality increases or reductions over time for many indicators. Knowledge of national inequality features can support environmental and  intersectoral action to identify and protect those who carry a disproportionate environmental burden, thereby contributing to a reduction in health inequalities.