The Environmental Health Economics Network (EHEN)

This WHO network is the core body for generating, reviewing and disseminating evidence and information on environmental health economics. 

The Network will also facilitate collaboration on pilot studies and implementation of WHO/Europe’s strategic framework on environmental health and economics. EHEN priority areas of work include joint projects, development of advocacy materials, case studies, setting up a literature database and mobilization of resources.


Members include an extensive pool of experts in the fields of economics, environmental health and media from within and outside WHO, and other networks and partners such as intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations. 


The Network aims to:

  • effectively interlink knowledge producers with end-users;
  • provide a platform and focal point for professional contacts, facilitate collaboration and exchange latest information/research;
  • identify knowledge gaps and needs for guidelines and training;
  • improve the use of available economic tools;
  • advocate to partners, donors and the public.