Environmental justice. Equal opportunities on environment and health: concepts, availability of data and policy options



The excerpt in German consists of three contributions by WHO environmental health experts:

  1. Health related environmental inequalities in Europe: work of the World Health Organization (WHO)
    Three main areas for inequalities are introduced: exposure and vulnerability differentials and environmental injustice. The main areas of focus of the WHO are described together with potential constraints, like missing sociodemographical statistical dimensions of data. First results are presented based on 14 WHO environmental health inequality indicators.
  2. WHO-strategies for environmental justice
    Overview of the WHO’s environmental health strategies with special emphasis on the commitments of the Parma Declaration on Environmental Health (WHO, 2010).
  3. Health impact assessment (HIA) and environmental justice
    An introduction is given to HIA and its main principles are described. The chapter provides an overview on the history of HIA, sketches the HIA process in the policy life-cycle, and positions HIA in relation to environmental impact assessments (EIA) and strategic environmental assessments (SEA). The conclusions place special emphasis on the need to recognize equity issues in HIA.

 Courtesy Verlag Hans Huber, Hogrefe AG, Bern, Switzerland, 2012