Continuous training in environment and health: Capacity Building in Environment and Health (CBEH) Project



More  and  more,  countries  are  faced  with  the  challenge  of  addressing  the  burden  of  disease  arising  from environmental exposures. Capacity building in environment and health has been recognized as a critical need among Member States of the WHO European Region and the European Commission, DG Sanco. This report presents a proposal for continuous training. By continuous training in environment and health it is meant an uninterrupted  series  of  trainings  to  further  qualify  environmental  and  health  experts  and  with  regular replication to allow access to new students/participants. In order to have a common ground for the training a continuous  training  for  environmental  and  health  professionals  through  the  development  of  health  in environmental assessment and standalone HIA trainings is proposed. The continuous training for environment and health should involve different sectors e.g. public health experts, social scientists, planning officers and environmental scientists. A modular setup is suggested with five quarterly two to three days workshops. The proposal for continuous training in environment and health is hoped to support countries in further developing training  on  EH  on  a  regular  basis  and  thus  support  the  development  of  a  healthy  environment  for  their population