Human health in areas with industrial contamination



Edited by Pierpaolo Mudu, Benedetto Terracini and Marco Martuzzi
2014, xiv + 368 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 5005 0

Studying human health in areas with industrial contamination is a serious and complex issue. In recent years, attention has increasingly focused on the health implications of large industrial establishments.

The aim of this book is to outline a framework for the integrated assessment of the impacts of large industrial activities on health. Based on the results of a research project in Sicily, southern Italy, it provides examples of the adverse effects on the environment and health of petrochemical industries, and of the methods that can be used to estimate these effects in highly contaminated areas and to develop strategies and tools for integrating health considerations into the formulation of policies and plans for remediation.

This book is intended to contribute to the analysis of high-risk areas, by providing a review of the evidence, the study design options, the legislation, and the results relating to the adverse impacts on health of industrial activities. The variety of disciplines that contributed to the review reflects the breadth of the approach needed not only to understand, but also to govern, complex determinants of health. This book will be a valuable resource for all those concerned about the health implications of industrial sites, be they residents, workers, public administrators or other stakeholders.