Health sector involvement in the implementation of the Minamata Convention: assessment and prevention of mercury exposure (2016)




Report of a meeting
Bonn, Germany, 24-25 June 2015

The meeting on Health Sector Involvement in the Implementation of the Minamata Convention: Assessment and Prevention of Mercury Exposure was held on 24–25 June 2015 in Bonn, Germany, under the umbrella of the European Environment and Health Process. The aim of the Meeting was to update participants about the effects on health of mercury and the implications of exposures to hazardous chemicals in early life for child development, and to share knowledge and information relevant to the implementation of the Minamata Convention. Participants noted the need for capacity-building and technical support to facilitate the implementation of the Convention in WHO European Member States, and mapped and investigated synergies with other WHO strategies and policies that could render the implementation of the Convention more efficient.