Health impact assessment (HIA) and health in environmental assessments – Enhancing HIA practice in the Czech Republic (2017)



Report on the workshop and the HIA readiness survey
25–26 October 2016, Prague, Czech Republic

The overall objective of the workshop in Prague on 25–26 October 2016 was to further support the development and implementation the health impact assessment in the Czech Republic through:

  • introducing HIA as a tool to support of inter-sector cooperation;
  • reviewing the current situation of HIA implementation and the application of health assessments within environmental assessments;
  • discussing with national experts different options and strategies for HIA implementation;
  • identifying capacity and data needs for further implementation of HIA and integration of health into environmental assessments and strategic assessment; and
  • identifying steps and practical arrangements for further strengthening HIA and the health assessment in environmental assessments and strategic assessments.