Implementation of the WHO Global Plan of action of Workers' Health in the European Region : First meeting of National Focal Points for Workers' Health




The First Meeting of WHO National Focal Points for Workers’ Health was convened in Helsinki, Finland, 22–23 September 2008, to establish a regional platform to develop an implementation plan of the WHO Global Plan of Action on Workers Health 2008–2017 (GPA). The meeting discussed and agreed upon the priorities and process of regional implementation plan drafted by the WHO/Europe. The national focal points agreed to contribute to the implementation process with regard to a smooth flow of information, communication and collaboration between stakeholders at national and international level. The meeting recommended that the newly-established Network of National Focal Points for Workers’ Health should have regular meetings for monitoring of the implementation, and be advised by key stakeholders and partners such as the International Labour Organization and the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. The next meeting was proposed to be held in south east Europe.