European Environment and Health Task Force (EHTF)

The Task Force is the leading international body for implementation and monitoring of the European Environment and Health Process, meeting annually in the period leading up to the Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health in 2017.

Task Force members are leading officials from all Member States in the WHO European Region, nominated at national level as focal points for the Process, WHO, and partner intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and nongovernmental (NGOs). The chairpersons of the Task Force are also members of the European Environment and Health Ministerial Board, to ensure close links between the two bodies.


  • Provide a forum for exchange of technical experience and knowledge through discussion and exchange of good practice
  • Regularly review scientific evidence with the support of WHO, UNECE, UNEP and other relevant institutions in order to encourage Member States to update, modify or strengthen existing policies, as appropriate
  • Facilitate collaboration among relevant sectors, partners and stakeholders, including IGOs, NGOs, trade unions, the business community, young people, technical agencies and international financial institutions
  • Promote specific initiatives on emerging issues
  • Establish ad hoc working groups and other bodies, as necessary, on a temporary basis to address specific needs and issues
  • Collaborate closely with the European Environment and Health Ministerial Board.

The Task Force established two working groups. The Ad Hoc working group of the European Environment and Health Task Force assists the Chair, Co-chair and the WHO Secretariat in preparing the Task Force meetings and the Sixth Ministerial Conference. The Ad Hoc working group meets several times a year.

The Health in Climate working group (HIC) consists of nominated representatives of Member States and partners and is responsible for the implementation of the European Regional Framework for Action on climate change and health adopted at the Fifth Ministerial Conference in 2010.