Report of the first session of the European Environment and Health Task Force





At its first meeting, the European Environment and Health Task Force (EHTF) reviewed and discussed developments since the Parma Conference and proposed areas of joint action within its scope of work. These include policy, the evidence base, international commitments and emerging issues related to: energy and health, intersectoral work, sustainable development, prevention of noncommunicable diseases, inequalities, climate change, water, sanitation and asbestos.

EHTF members stressed the importance of developing a strong communication strategy to strengthen the visibility and influence of the European environment and health process. They decided to strengthen their internal communication and collaboration, particularly with regard to the development of indicators for reporting progress towards the Parma commitments. These indicators will be sued to report to the mid-term high-level meeting in 2014 and to the Sixth Ministerial Conference in 2016, as well as for inclusion among the targets and indicators of the new WHO European health policy framework Health 2020.