Establishing tools to monitor the implementation of the Parma Conference commitments. WHO consultation in Bonn, Germany, 25-26 November 2010

The Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health (Parma, Italy, 2010) adopted the Declaration and the Commitment to Act, containing the first time-bound set of targets for the environment and health process. Deadlines are set to reduce the harm to children’s health from priority environmental factors including unsafe water, inadequate sanitation, unsafe home and recreational environments, insufficient physical activity, air pollution, and other chemical, biological and physical hazards.

This WHO consultation aims to laying the grounds for future development and upgrade of the European Environment and Health Information System (ENHIS) to enable targeted evaluation of the effects of policy actions on reducing adverse health outcomes associated with these priority factors.

Invited experts and country representatives will review the current ENHIS indicators and specify new ones. They will also define necessary measures to facilitate new data collection in Member States and ensure synergies with ongoing and forthcoming international reporting mechanisms.