Launch of the European Network for Workers’ Health. Bonn, Germany, 6-8 December 2010

Progressing the Regional implementation of the WHO Global Plan of Action on Workers’ Health 2008-2017 (GPA)

The joint meeting of the WHO Collaborating Centres (CCs) for Occupational Health and the National Focal Points on Workers’ Health (NFPs), key partners of WHO/Europe in the Regional implementation of the GPA, opens today in Bonn and will establish the European Network for Workers’ Health (ENWH) as an umbrella for the various contributing networks.

The meeting will review the progress made in the European Region and perform a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis to underpin the launch of the new network. The mission, structure, function, projects, and financing of the ENWH will be discussed, taking into account the priorities of the GPA implementation agreed at previous meetings of WHO CCs and NFPs.

The ENWH aims to support an effective and efficient implementation of the GPA in the European Region. It will include the CCs and NFP networks as well as sub-regional networks, such as the Baltic Sea Network on Occupational Health and Safety and the South East European Network on Workers’ Health. Its main partners will be the International Labour Organization and the European Union.