Assessing the climate change impacts in the Mediterranean region. Rome, Italy, 23-25 May 2011

 WHO/Europe coordinated the health aspects of CIRCE, an international project co-funded by the European Union on climate change and impacts research in the Mediterranean environment. 

The final conference of CIRCE, opening today, presents the first comprehensive regional assessment of climate change impacts in the Mediterranean, to which WHO/Europe contributed with the health chapter. On the last day, the conference will discuss different aspects with stakeholders.

The assessment, organized in five parts, shows that climate change might indeed bring new threats to human health, ecosystems and national economies, and add to existing problems of desertification, water scarcity and food production in the region. It also provides policy-makers and the public with information on ways to modify services and infrastructure to reduce vulnerability to climate change in the Mediterranean.

Health is within part 4 of the assessment, dedicated to "People". Other parts include air, sea and precipitation; water; agriculture, forests and ecosystem services; people; and case studies.

Three round tables will allow exchange of views on the last day on the conference, dealing respectively with economic and socio-political aspects of adaptation to climate change, and on current developments and perspectives of research on climate change and water in the Mediterranean.