Monitoring the implementation of Parma Conference commitments: organizational and methodological issues. Bonn, Germany, 29-30 September 2011

The Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health (Parma, Italy, 2010) adopted the Declaration and the Commitment to Act, containing the first time-bound set of targets for the environment and health process. The Declaration also reaffirmed the need to maintain and develop the European Environment and Health Information System (ENHIS) as a key tool.

A consultation held in November 2010 identified a minimum set of new ENHIS indicators for monitoring the implementation of commitments from Parma and determined the time schedule for pilot testing and implementation of these indicators. A follow-up technical meeting in April 2011 specified approaches to new data collection for a subset of the proposed indicators, focusing on the indoor environment in children’s facilities.

In September 2011, participants from Member States, representatives of international organizations and selected experts will meet to:

  • review progress towards the implementation of the set specified in November 2010;
  • agree on the steps for synchronization and harmonization of data collection in Member States feeding ENHIS indicators that rely on existing data collection programs;
  • review and agree on methodologies of new ENHIS indicators that require new data;
  • agree on information to be presented at the first meeting of the newly formed Environmental Health Task Force, the European body for the coordination of the implementation of Environment and Health process; and
  • review the status of ENHIS and determine future directions for its development to improve the communication of results from environment and health monitoring.