THE PEP Symposium 2011 to discuss inclusive and innovative urban mobility

European challenges and successes towards sustainable urban mobility and improved individual health will be showcased at the second Symposium organized under the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP).

Selected speakers from Governments, civil society, academia and the private sector, will address key issues for the achievement of sustainable mobility and more efficient transport systems, one of the four priorities of THE PEP. The Symposium is expected to identify integrated policies for transport, health and the environment that ensure affordable and accessible urban mobility to all groups of society. Such policies take advantage of intelligent technologies and good management and incentive systems offering fast, economic and flexible mobility solutions.

The Symposium, taking place back-to-back to THE PEP annual Steering Committee meeting, will provide input to the discussion on progress made and planned activities for 2012.

THE PEP Symposium 2010 on green and health-friendly investments and jobs in transport

The first Symposium, held in December 2010, revealed the need to better clarify the concept of green jobs in the context of THE PEP, and to collect more examples of new job opportunities created by sustainable and healthy transport policies. The result of this work is now available in a publication on "Green and healthy jobs in transport: launching a new initiative under THE PEP".