Environment and Health Ministerial Board meets


The Environment and Health Ministerial Board held its second meeting on 14 February 2012, in Bonn, Germany, to set priorities to put before WHO’s Regional Committee for Europe in September.

At the meeting, the Board agreed:

  • to invite the European Commission be more involved in its work;
  • to organize a consultation on environment and health priorities;
  • to develop a common statement linking health to sustainable development, for the forthcoming United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, to be held on 20–22 June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;
  • to develop strategies on communication and resource mobilization; and
  • to support the engagement of young people.

Between the ministerial conferences that take place every five years, the Ministerial Board provides high-level strategic direction to the environment and health process in Europe. Its membership comprises representatives of four health ministries, four environment ministries and four intergovernmental organizations.

The Board’s next meeting will take place on 9 September 2012 in Malta, before the sixty-second session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe.