Preparing for 3rd meeting of European Environment and Health Task Force

WHO/Christian Gapp

19 Member States met in Bonn, Germany, on 15 October 2013 to review the progress of preparations for the 3rd Meeting of the European Environment and Health Task Force which will be hosted by Belgium on 10-11 December in Brussels.

Followup to Parma

In their reflections on the experiences, successes and challenges in the follow up to the Parma Conference (Italy, 2010), participants acknowledged the relevance of the European Environment and Health Process (EHP) and of the technical work undertaken under its auspices in support of the national implementation of the Parma committments. It was a shared opinion that there is a need for further strengthening of cooperation with other relevant processes, including the multilateral environmental agreements, and a stronger and closer involvement of other institutions and organizations.

Addressing the comprehensiveness of the Parma committments, the five time-bound targets for 2015 and 2020 were identified as a priority for the focus of joint implementation efforts at the national and regional levels. Participants emphasized the need to increase the communication activities and advocacy efforts to achieve appropriate visibility and public recognition of the relevance and usefulness of the EHP.

As part of the preparations for the 3rd Task Force meeting, participants provided input on the main topics and components of an intersessional work plan for the Task Force for 2014. It  will be prepared for the Task Force to approve focusing the work on preparing a high-level mid-term review meeting in late 2014 at which a full review of the achievements and process will take place. The mid-term reporting process should not be seen as an obligation, but as an outreach opportunity and a marketing instrument for the European Environment and Health Process.