Environment and health information system (ENHIS) training workshop in Estonia

An ENHIS workshop was conducted in Tallinn, Estonia, on 29 January 2015. WHO’s ENHIS is an indicator-based information system aiming to support public health and environmental policies in the WHO European Region. It includes indicators of environmental exposure, health effects and policy actions.
The Estonian Health Board is developing a national ENHIS system based on WHO ENHIS methodologies. The workshop involved environment and health information experts from Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, Slovenia and WHO, and specialists from Estonian government institutions and universities. They shared experience from previously developed national and international environment and health information systems, and presented standardized methods for data collection and analysis to Estonian specialists with the objective of applying harmonized approaches and ensuring comparability of Estonian data in an international context.
The Estonian ENHIS will be used to inform public health officials and the general public; to compare different areas of the country; and monitor progress towards national and international environment and health goals, such as those set by the Parma Declaration.