Could your story inspire change? International Healthy Cities Conference calls for abstracts

Department for Infrastructure Northern Ireland

The call for abstracts is open for the WHO International Healthy Cities Conference, which is set to take place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, on 1–4 October 2018. Some 700 delegates are expected to attend the 4-day Conference, including mayors and political leaders, health professionals, city planners, engineers, designers, innovators and activists.

The Conference aims to inspire and reimagine today’s Healthy Cities movement in the context of tomorrow’s challenges. Learning about examples of best practice and what has worked in other cities and countries is an important mechanism for achieving this. Delegates are therefore invited to submit abstracts by 27 April 2018 for the Learning Through Practice sessions and poster sessions on the 6 main themes of the Conference:

  • people: a human focus to societal development that prioritizes investment in people to improve equity and inclusion through enhanced empowerment;
  • place: the social, physical and cultural environments that align to create a place that is actively inclusive, and that facilitates the pursuit of health and well-being for all;
  • participation: ensuring the participation of all individuals and communities in the decisions that affect them and the places they live, work, love and play;
  • prosperity: enhanced community prosperity and strengthened assets through values-based governance of common goods and services;
  • planet: ensuring that the protection of the planet is at the heart of all city policies, both internal and external; and
  • peace: promoting peace through inclusive societies that focus on places, participation, prosperity and the planet, while putting people at the centre of all policies and actions.

The Conference objectives are to:

  • exchange knowledge on best practice that has led to positive changes in the face of challenges from healthy cities’ and healthy communities’ initiatives across WHO global regions;
  • demonstrate the critical role of governance for health and sustainable development at the local and urban levels;
  • inspire and strengthen commitment to healthy cities in the context of tomorrow’s challenges and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development;
  • consider strong local leadership and its impact on successful collective action; and
  • foster discussions through special events and knowledge-exchange seminars that reshape and reimagine the Healthy Cites movement in all WHO regions.