Phase VI

Innovation, leadership and shared governance for health and well-being

Phase VI builds on 25 years of the WHO European Healthy Cities programme. The WHO European Healthy Cities Network is now positioned as a strategic vehicle at the local level for implementing Health 2020, the new European policy and strategy for health and well-being. Health 2020 recognizes the important leadership role of local governments in developing health, with a strong emphasis on whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches.

An adaptable and practical framework for delivering Health 2020 at the local level

Phase VI will support cities in strengthening their efforts to bring key stakeholders together to work for health and well-being, to harness leadership, innovation and change and to enhance the potential to resolve local public health challenges. The concepts of the city health profile and the (intersectoral) city health development plan remain valid and they will be adapted to reflect the wider scope of the WHO European Healthy Cities goals in Phase VI.

The two strategic goals of Health 2020 are:

  • improving health for all and reducing health inequalities; and
  • improving leadership and participatory governance for health.