iSThAT: the Integrated Sustainable Transport and Health Assessment Tool

iSThAT is a simplified methodological framework and accompanying software tool for the evaluation of the health and economic benefits of carbon reduction measures in the context of urban transportation.

The tool supports the identification of alternative transportation choices based on sound, reproducible, science-based reasoning. Additionally, it is a user-friendly, interactive Excel-based tool for evaluating carbon mitigation alternatives in surface transportation for informational and educational purposes.

iSThAT provides time series results extending from 2015 (base year) to 2050 in year increments, with the output charts showing trends at 1-year resolution. It calculates health risks using an “impact pathway” analysis, which explicitly traces the fate of pollutants from the moment they are released into the environment.

Quantified health benefits of reduced emissions include avoided cases of illness (morbidity), fewer premature deaths (mortality) and life years gained from an extension in life expectancy among the exposed population.

The tool is intended for use by local authorities, including their advisers and technical staff, as well as regulators, urban planners, private/public enterprises, nongovernmental organizations and educators. The tool has been tested and the first release will be available later in 2019 for download.