Three Czech Healthy Cities win 2010 Livcom Awards


The WHO European Healthy Cities Network congratulates the three Czech Healthy Cities, Chrudim, Mladá Boleslav and Tábor, who won 2010 Livcom Awards.

The international competition of the Livcom Awards is endorsed by the UN and recognizes cities for their achievements in the field of environmental protection and cultural heritage, sustainable development of the communities, healthy lifestyle or strategic planning. The competition's criteria focus on assessment of the quality of inhabitants' life and enforcement of sustainable development principles and its three pillars - economic, social and environmental.

The three cities are members of the National Healthy Cities Network of the Czech Republic.

The WHO Healthy Cities project is a global movement. It engages local governments in health development through a process of political commitment, institutional change, capacity-building, partnership-based planning and innovative projects. About 90 cities are members of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network, and 30 national Healthy Cities networks across the WHO European Region have more than 1400 cities and towns as members.

The primary goal of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network is to put health high on the social, economic and political agenda of city governments. Health is the business of all sectors, and local governments are in a unique leadership position, with power to protect and promote their citizens’ health and well-being.