Mayors unite in Copenhagen for a future of healthy cities


More than 30 mayors will be attending WHO/Europe’s Summit of Mayors on 12–13 February 2018 at UN City in Copenhagen, Denmark, alongside a further 80 high-ranking politicians, advisors and other civic representatives. Together they represent almost 125 million people, from Paraguay to the Russian Federation.

WHO/Europe is bringing these participants together with technical experts on health and well-being under the auspices of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network to discuss health as a political choice in the future of cities. It is the first time that WHO has organized such a meeting in Europe.

The programme showcases how social investment contributes to health and well-being and benefits society. The group will hear about how urban development can be equitable, sustainable and human-centred when driven by health and well-being. Examples and inspiration will come directly from mayors of cities all over the world – from Almaty in Kazakhstan, to Tirana in Albania, to Cork in Ireland.

The event is expected to culminate with agreement on the Copenhagen Consensus, in which mayors will commit to a range of goals to ensure a happier and healthier future. Further information, including the provisional programme, is available via the links below.