Implementing a Health 2020 vision: governance for health in the 21st century. Making it happen




By Ilona Kickbusch and Thorsten Behrendt
2013, vi + 82 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 0043 7
CHF 20.00
In developing countries: CHF 14.00
Order no. 13400138

The WHO Regional Office for Europe commissioned this report to support the implementation of the Health 2020 policy framework. It builds on a study on governance for health in the 21st century, conducted for the WHO Regional Office for Europe. This report provides policy-makers with examples from around the world of how whole-of- government and whole-of-society approaches have been implemented, along with a set of tools to manage the complex policy process.

These policy examples were selected with a view to the four policy priority areas of Health 2020 and with the following criteria in mind: they provide useful lessons, often illustrate best practices, cover a wide variety of different contexts and countries and, as far as possible, have been implemented and, ideally, evaluated. The report aims to contribute, in particular, to the Health 2020 strategic policy objective of “improving leadership and participatory governance for health”. It is conceived as a living document that will be continually enriched with new examples and analysis.