Urban green space and health: intervention impacts and effectiveness (2017)



Report of a meeting
Bonn, Germany, 20–21 September 2016

Interventions on green space in urban settings can help address several public health issues related to obesity, cardiovascular effects, mental health and well-being. However, knowledge on the effectiveness of the interventions in relation to health, well-being and equity is partial. To explore the effectiveness of urban green space interventions to enhance healthy urban environments, WHO gathered European experts on green space and urban planning to discuss approaches and experiences on urban green space interventions. Based on a review of research evidence, a compilation of local case studies and examples of Environmental Impact Assessment/Health Impact Assessment experiences, the expert meeting discussed the variety of green space intervention approaches and their related impacts on environmental conditions, health status, well-being and equity. This report presents the discussion and conclusions on what intervention components have been found to be effective in maximizing the environmental, health and equity benefits derived from urban green spaces.