Migration and Health Webinar Three: Public health aspects of mental health among refugees and migrants

Monday, 16 October 2017

As the number of refugees and migrants increases, unanswered questions and misconceptions about their mental health as well as concerns about appropriate strategies to address these remain.

The webinar, aimed at health care professionals and service providers, researchers and policy makers will explore the principles of good practice on mental health of refugees and migrants, promoting social integration and overcoming barriers to accessing and utilizing care.

Lecture by

Stefan Priebe, Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry, Queen Mary University of London

Moderation by

Guglielmo Schinina, Head of Global Mental Health, International Organization for Migration

The webinar is part of Migration and Health Knowledge Management Project which aims to facilitate the development and uptake of knowledge and good practices to migrant and refugee health. The project is carried out with the financial assistance of the European Commission.