Migration and Health Webinar One: True stories – effective advocacy for health and migration

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The first webinar, entitled “True stories: effective advocacy for health and migration”, will focus on the importance of responsible, meaningful and compelling communications efforts to evoke positive change for migrants, refugees and host communities.

The webinar seeks to embolden audiences to take an active approach to advance the way current culture addresses and discusses the migration situation, and improve the dynamic references to ensure minimal sensationalism, while maintaining accurate and compelling portrayals.


Marie Louise Norredam, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Domenico Sergi, Curator and Community Engagement Coordinator, Horniman Museum and Gardens, United Kingdom
Mahboobah Rajabi, Digital Artist, Community Arts North West, United Kingdom

The webinar series is a collaborative effort under the Migration and Health Knowledge Management (MiHKMa) project, funded by the European Commission; the Ministry of Health, Italy; and the Sicilian Regional Health Authority.