Migration and health

Recent events in North Africa and the Middle East triggered a dramatic increase in migration, which highlights the need to identify best practices and engage in a cross-national political dialogue on migration. Through the Public Health Aspects of Migration in Europe (PHAME) project, WHO/Europe is working closely with Member States to strengthen the health sector’s preparedness and the public health capacity to better address emergency-related migration.

Migrant health in the European Region

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A journey interrupted: The changing health needs of refugees and migrants stranded in Greece

Greece has been on the front line of a large influx of refugees and migrants to the WHO European Region. Since the popular ‘Balkan route’ out of the country shut down one year ago, refugees and migrants who had arrived in Greece expecting to stay only briefly have found their journey interrupted. Today, more than 50,000 people wait in tent camps across Greece – stranded.


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Video - First WHO toolkit to strengthen Europe’s health response to migration

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