New report on migration in Italy

On 4 June 2015, the Expo Milano 2015 Conference Centre in Milan, Italy hosted a one-day event to present the 24th report on migration by Caritas Italiana and Fondazione Migrantes entitled "Migrants: actors for development".

The report (in Italian) analyses the social and economic aspects of and for migration, and its impact on a context (in this case the Italian one) where migrants can be regarded as protagonists especially in the development of sectors lacking local manpower. Most of the time, migrants are described as "those who ask" or "people to give, because in need", the report says, but Caritas and Fondazione Migrantes wanted to reverse this perspective and tell how much Italy and Italians receive from migrants who have chosen or continue to choose Italy as a destination for emigration.

Food: a reason for migration, an opportunity for development

The report also gives an updated overview of the current international and national situation of migration and, in line with the core theme of Expo Milano 2015 "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", focuses specifically on 2 issues: "food as a reason for migration" and "food as an opportunity for development". Again, there is a change of perspective: hunger worldwide is not due to a shortage of food, but to a lack of economic institutions enabling all human beings to have regular and adequate access to water and food. On the other hand, local initiatives aiming at curbing food waste, re-distributing food and increasing produce of the land all contribute to social and economic development.

In another section, the report provides interesting and recent data on migrants in Italy, including their distribution at regional and provincial levels, occupation, contribution to the Italian gross domestic product, remittance to their country of origin and percentage of pupils and students with foreign citizenship in Italian schools.