HEN writing workshop for the development of evidence synthesis reports on migration and health


Participants at HEN writing workshop in Venice, Italy, July 2015.

The WHO European Office for Investment for Health and Development hosted the Health Evidence Network (HEN) writing workshop on 13–15 July 2015 in Venice, Italy. The workshop gathered 3 institutions – the Medical University of Vienna, Austria; the Institute of Public Health of the Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Italy; and Uppsala University, Sweden – commissioned to synthesize the best available evidence on migration and health.

The workshop's objectives were to:

  • strengthen participants' knowledge and skills in drafting policy options, writing according to the WHO HEN format and structure, and the WHO technical writing style guide; and
  • raise participants' awareness about how the HEN synthesis reports contribute to the development of the regional action plan on migration in health in the WHO European Region.

Migrant groups in focus

The current issue of HEN evidence synthesis reports in production addresses the policy question: which policies and interventions work to improve the reduction of inequalities in accessibility and the quality of health care delivery for migrants?

Each report focuses on a particular migrant group:

  • undocumented migrants
  • labour migrants
  • refugees and asylum seekers.

WHO provides technical advice

The meeting agenda included a brief overview of the public health aspects of migration in Europe and the HEN background and rationale, and 3 groups provided focused technical advice:

  • technical staff from the Public Health Aspects of Migration in Europe (PHAME) project on the importance of policy options and implementation implications;
  • the HEN Secretariat on the HEN methodology and structure; and
  • a HEN editor on effective technical writing.

The writing workshop provided a unique opportunity in which the institutions gathered to share and streamline search strategy, language and policy considerations across 3 reports, and exchange ideas and meet face-to-face with fellow colleagues working in migration and health.

Next steps

The 3 HEN evidence synthesis reports will be presented at the ministerial lunch on migration and health planned for the first day of the 65th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe (RC65) on 14 September 2015 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The PHAME project will continue to collaborate with the HEN Secretariat in providing decision-makers with reliable information for policy-making on migration and health.