Prisons and health: Partnership for Health in the Criminal Justice System

The Partnership for Health in the Criminal Justice System website provides prison health-related resources supplied by WHO/Europe and partner organizations. It covers prison health information in the fields of: human rights and medical ethics, communicable diseases, noncommunicable diseases, risk factors and prison health management.

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New WHO report: Ignoring the health of people in prisons now comes at a high cost for society later

A new report from WHO is calling for improved health monitoring and surveillance systems in prisons across the European Region. It warns that as people in prison continue to suffer disproportionately from undiagnosed and untreated health conditions, they will add to the public health burden in the outside community after their release.


People in prison are deprived of their freedom - they should not be deprived of their health



WHO/Europe works closely with organizations to promote health and tackle health inequalities in correctional settings. These organizations contribute significantly through information dissemination, networking and good practice sharing.

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