New network launched to improve research in prison health


Improving research on the health of prisoners plays an important role in increasing the understanding of prisoners’ health needs, health service availability in prisons and health service evaluation.

At the Regional consultation on prisons and health held in Copenhagen 3–4 November 2016, the Regional Office and the UK Collaborating Centre for Health in Prisons Programme, together with the University of Oxford, plan to launch a new research strategy and framework for prison health: the WHO/Europe Prison Health Research and Engagement Network.

The overarching goal of the network is to provide a forum for all stakeholders interested in prison health across the European Region for exchanging ideas and working together with the potential to develop collaborative multi-centre research proposals.

The network aims to disseminate important research findings across the Region and to serve as a platform for developing the skills of health professionals and researchers, ensuring high quality healthcare and research on this topic. The network  will consist of health care professionals, policy makers, representatives of academic institutions and public health organizations, and prisoner representatives. More information on the network will soon be available on the WHO/Europe Prisons and health web site.