Launch of Worldwide Prison Health Research and Engagement Network platform

WHO/Europe, in partnership with Public Health England and the University of Oxford, is launching an international web platform on The Global Health Network called the Worldwide Prison Health Research and Engagement Network (WEPHREN).

There are more than 10 million people imprisoned worldwide. People in prison experience a higher burden of chronic illness, mental health and substance misuse problems than the general population; they also often come from already marginalized and underserved groups in the wider community. This makes prison health an important  opportunity to tackle public health problems in a way that can deliver benefits to the individual as well as supporting reintegration into community life and future health.

There is a lack of a robust evidence base to support healthcare commissioning and interventions in prison; WEPHREN will provide a forum for all stakeholders interested in reducing health inequalities through prison health to share good practices and build global capacity in both the evidence base and public health practice.

WEPHREN is supported by the WHO Health in Prisons Programme Steering Group, which includes various international organizations.

For more information and to join WEPHREN, please register at the website.